The Roly-Poly Music Doll is our interpretation of a traditional toy.


   The wooden base is handmade according to ancient designs of the popular Japanese Daruma toy, a rocking doll that imitates meditation.

   We have added a melodic hand-assembled bell to the wooden base. Thanks to its shape and stabilizing device, the toy is comfortable and safe. It is both a rattle and a musical toy, which will never roll away, but also will be hard to catch for your baby, motivating to active movements. As soon as you tilt the toy, it will instantly wiggle into an upright position.

   We decorate the base with fur, creating images of bunnies, sheep or bears. Attractive look of the toy instantly wins the hearts of kids and parents. The toy is suitable for children of all ages and it is also a beautiful decorative object.

   The toy is safe, fur-trimmed shape and pleasant sound develop kids’ listening, imagination, motor skills, and movement coordination. Roly-Poly toy has been present in different cultures and in different designs for centuries, so we are happy to introduce our variation to you.


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